Eshed Margalit

2nd-Year Student in the Stanford Neurosciences Ph.D. Program


PI: Dan Yamins

Vision & Perception Neuroscience Lab
PI: Kalanit Grill-Spector

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eshedm [at] stanford [dot] edu

I'm a neuroscience researcher with an interest in vision, computational neuroscience, neuroimaging, and artificial intelligence. To learn more or to see some of my past work, please check out my research interests, or my CV.

Statistical activation map demonstrating areas of the brain that respond more strongly to unfamiliar objects than to familiar objects. See Margalit et al., 2017 for details.

How do we know what we're looking at?

I study the functional architecture of the primate visual system. My interest is in describing and modeling the computations that govern visual cortex and the representations that they operate on. I hope to contribute to our understanding of how information is transformed in neural networks and how such networks develop. Click below to read more about specific projects:

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Gabor-jet Model Web Application
Object Familiarity in LOC
Neuromelanin Marks the Spot
Cortical Representation of Object Parts

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